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Fundamental Rights and Values in the European Union.
2nd Seminar at the Taube Centre - 24 May 2024

Fundamental Rights and Values in the European Union. <br> 2nd Seminar at the Taube Centre - 24 May 2024

The Taube Centre for Advances Studies in Social Sciences is happy to invite you to an international and interdisciplinary annual conference focusing on theoretical and empirical research on fundamental rights and values in the European Union.
Taube Centre, Faculty of International and Political Studies, Jagiellonian University
ul. Reymonta 4, room 207 (II floor)

Fundamental Rights and Values in the European Union

Recent political, economic, and social processes affecting the operation of the EU and its Member States have provoked a discussion about the state of democracy and the rule of law, leading to new approaches towards the theory of democracy and arguments about the deterioration of democratic institutions. The core idea of the European Union is based on its values which Member States and their populations should share, but which interpretation and application has recently evolved affecting the Union's functioning and relations with potential new members. The conference will gather experts and scholars to discuss the scope and character of EU values concerning current and future challenges of the Union and its Member States, including the consequences of the War in Ukraine and the potential enlargement of the Union with Balkan states. By reviewing the existing theories of democracy and referring to state and regional case studies, conference participants shall determine the extent to which democratic backsliding affects the future of Europe.



  • Ms Shana Penn, Taube Philanthropies Executive Director
  • Prof. Paweł Laidler, Dean of the Faculty of International and Political Studies; Taube Centre Director

9:15–10:00 KEYNOTE 1

  • Prof. Jan Kubik (Rutgers University): Deconsolidation and reconsolidation of democracy à la PiSonaise

10:00–10:45 KEYNOTE 2

  • Prof. Magdalena Góra (Jagiellonian University): What future for the European Union? The partisan narratives on European integration in selected national and European parliaments


CHAIR: Prof. Jan Kubik

  • Prof. Adam Fagan (King’s College London): Activism in the era of democratic backsliding: Explaining the efficacy of the clean-air campaigns in Poland
  • Ivan Kozachenko, PhD (University of Warsaw): Still Fighting for European Values? Ukrainian Civil Society at the Time of War
  • Spasimir Domaradzki, PhD (University of Warsaw): Democratic Backsliding or Unfinished Democratization. National Politics and EU Enlargements
  • Paolo Pizzolo, PhD (Jagiellonian University): Ukraine and the Debacle of Russian Soft Power
  • Jost-Henrik Morgenstern-Pomorski, PhD (Jagiellonian University): The final frontier? Democratizing EU foreign policy through citizen engagement
  • Alexandria Wilson-McDonald, PhD (School of International Service, American University, Washington D.C.): Creating a Hostile State in Slovakia: Anti-Gender Political Strategies and Impacts

13:45–14:30 Lunch break

14:30–15:15 KEYNOTE 3

  • Prof. Hans-Jörg Trenz (Scuola Normale Superiore): Enhanced Value conflicts in Europe: A symptom of post-democracy?


CHAIR: Natasza Styczyńska, PhD

  • Sherrill Stroschein, PhD (University College London): Hungarian Enclaves, City Councils, and Central-Local Power in Serbia
  • Prof. Dušan Spasojević (University of Belgrade): Stalled democratization – Serbia between Europeanization and autocratization
  • Mr Peter Tabak (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD): Can the Western Balkans converge towards EU living standards?
  • Aleksandra Dragojlov, PhD (Jagiellonian University): Patronage Networks in the Western Balkans: A Case Study of the Media in Serbia and Republika Srpska, Bosnia
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Seminar Programme

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Competition for 2 post-doctoral research positions at Taube Centre 2024


The Taube Centre for Advances Studies in the Social Sciences Jagiellonian University in Kraków invites applications for 2 Assistant Professor (postdoc) positions interested in carrying out 2-year research within the priority area:

Reinventing, redefining, and rebuilding democracy in times of populist transformation and deterioration of the rule of law

Candidates are expected to propose a research project they would like to carry out during the 2-year of employment at the Centre.

Application Deadline: 22 May 2024 - 23:59 (Europe/Warsaw)

More information and how to APPLY