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During the two-step recruitment process held in June 2022, the Recruitment Committee has chosen and the Faculty Board approved 3 candidates for the Postdoctoral Fellow positions at the Taube Centre for the academic year 2022-2023.

Therefore we are pleased to welcome Dr Laura Chazel, our new Fellow, to our Team.

Dr Chazel will join us from September 2022 to conduct her research project:

European left-wing populism and the radicalization of (liberal) democracy: a comparative analysis of the Belgian, French, Greek and Spanish case


And thank you all the candidates for your interest in our proposition.

Unfortunately, two of the candidates decided not to take the offered positions at the Jagiellonian University.


In accordance with the rules of the Jagiellonian University, we are announcing a new call for the remaining 2 postdoctoral research positions available from October 2022.

We are waiting for your applications till 4th September 2022